Here are some shots from a recent solos how AntiPatterns, which featured paintings, digital prints, and sculpture/installation.  A big thank you to colleague Michael Holloman, Hiromi Okumura and Reza Safavi for inviting me to show and coordingating.  Thanks especially to graduate students Laura Pregeant, Yuanwen Lin, Anna Davis, Kayleigh Lang, Hayley Black, Andre Fortes, and Stephen Cohen for the scrupulous painting, install and writing for the exhibition.  This was a fun way to introduce faculty and students at Washington State University to my work.

Joe Hedges

Reception 09/03/2015 5pm-8pm
Gallery 2
Washington State University
Department of Fine Arts
Gallery hours 9-5 M-F


AntiPatterns are corrective actions gone awry. AntiPatterns stand apart from bad solutions in that they seem like effective means of problem solving; they are nefarious, appearing reliable, even virtuous, all the while containing their own retroactions.

In the paintings, digital prints, and sculptures by Joe Hedges, we see the hybridization of natural and technological objects, united and interacting in often humorous, often contemplative ways. Hedges’ works posit that while human intervention in natural processes sometimes provide solutions to specific problems, these efforts frequently leave us worse off. But hope is not lost–what most distinguishes the AntiPattern from its cousin, bad pattern, is that within the seemingly counterproductive measures of its application is found a true, eventual solution.  Hedges’ solutions ask us to examine our embedded relationship with nature and how–but more importantly why–we meddle. Perhaps within our collective societal and ecological AntiPatterns we may still find a grain of elucidation and resolution. 

A. Fortes