Puzzle Pieces

10″ x 10″ mixed media works


I attempt to make visible questions regarding human relationship to technology and the natural world.  I imagine the universe as a vast, wondrous, unsolvable puzzle.  My compulsion is not to make any attempt at solving but to merely collect, organize, and identify clues.  These works explore a variety of themes including geology, anthropology, prehistoric petroglyphs, etc. As an artist I am continually searching for moments of mystery or magic, instances of cognitive disorientation and epistemological incompleteness.

In the summer of 2012, I spent several weeks exploring the Mojave desert in the northern portion of Joshua Tree National Park in southern California, taking photographs and making field recordings for an “interactive digital postcard”.  The project grew into an internet art piece that can be accessed at solgonda.com and a series of related 10” x 10” mixed-media works.  In working horizontally through digital imaging, painting, and photography works inform each other and evolve organically.   In this way I attempt to strike a balance for the viewer between puzzlement and intrigue, allow the viewer to piece together their own narratives while engendering curiosity about process and materials.