Smooth & Shiny

Smooth & Shiny, 2019, oil on canvases in found frames, cassette players, cassettes, found sounds, cycle timer, wooden shelf, plastic cup, pencil

Joe Hedges Hypercombines

Joe Hedges Hypercombines, installation view, Artworks, Loveland, CO

We Care About You and Your Memories

We Care About You and Your Memories, 2018, oil on canvas, plastic storage containers, macbook, PC, monitors, electronics, glass, concrete. Installation View, Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, Washington State University

Occlusion Illusion, 2019, oil on canvas, mini-computer, website, cords, cables, monitor

Occlusion Illusion, 2019, oil on canvas, mini-computer, website, cords, cables, monitor

close-up view of an artwork

Occlusion Illusion (detail), 2019, oil on canvas, computer, animated gif, cords, monitor

Cloud Control

Cloud Control, 2019, oil on canvas, oil on canvas over wood panel, monitors, CRT television with video of a B.F. Skinner training a pigeon, mini-computer, guitar pedals, cords, cables, time capsule, bubble wrap, video with sound of a prepared desktop performance utilizing Adobe Photoshop, Google Image Search and Quicktime


Texas, 2019, oil on panel, digital photograph on digital device

Joe Hedges Art Gallery View

Hypercombines, Installation View, Artworks, Loveland, CO

Island Hopping, 2019, oil on panel, Google image search on digital device

Installation View of a gallery

Installation view of oil paintings on panel with embedded digital devices

an art work about waterfall

Artist Point (waterfall), 2019, oil on panel, video of browsing Instagram on digital device

Installation View, Hypercombines, Artworks, Loveland, CO

a painting of an ocean scene, with another ocean scene in front, outlined by the Adobe Photoshop crop X. The surface has a hole cut into the painting. inside the hole is a computer monitor displaying data.

Free Transform, 2019, oil on canvas, mini-computer, cords, cables, monitor, cycle timer, website

a detail view of an artwork

Free Transform (detail), 2019, oil on canvas, computer, cords, monitor with scrolling oceanographic temperature data

a guitar amplifier, flatscreen television mounted in portrait mode, and a painting of a detail of a centaur

Centaurs, 2019, oil on canvas in found frame, television, guitar amplifier, arrow, wooden shelf, cords, cables, media player, video, audio

a painting of a landscape with a keyboard

View with Imaginary River, 2019, oil on canvas, Yamaha PSR-75 Keyboard, guitar pedal, computer speaker, cables, C major chord with a suspended seventh

installation view

Installation View

painting of a forest with an ipad and a vintage stereo

Gesamtkunstwerk, 2019, oil on canvas, grommets, vintage stereo, tablet, a selection of Richard Wagner overtures

installation view of artworks

LEFT: Empire of Lightning, 2016
 – scanner, synthetic cotton, repeat cycle timer, 5-gallon bucket, saltwater

RIGHT: Waves (after René Magritte), 2016 – oil on canvas

madeleine stowe

Madeleine Stowe, 2018, oil on panel, digital device displaying Madeleine Stowe’s IMDB page

new media installation

Telepresence, 2016, electronics, bamboo, plastic tarp, rope

Joe Hedges, Gulls, 2019, Atomic Clock, Wooden Level, Found Postcard, Blue Quartz Gemstones

a work of art about vision and copies

Xerography, 2016, 3D forestry glasses, xerox photocopy, wood, iphone, hardware

a painting with a shelf and ipad

Inscriptions, 2018, oil on canvas, grommets, digital effects processor, speakers, tablet, video, shelf