hey! well i wanted to have a new site done by July. July for new websites. party.

if you don’t want to read about the website on the website, you can skip this entry. i know most people go to band websites to read about bands, not band websites. maybe we should have a separate site devoted to the website: www.www.julyforkings.com.com. that would be awesome.

do you miss black white and red? i do ever so slightly. but i felt like it was time for a change. a new site to signify a new “era” for us. or a new period, if era is too pretentious. it may be now that i’m thinking… let’s stick with a new period.

we are between albums. so this is the between albums website.

i’ll remind you, as i did when i finished the last website, that you can access any area of the site by just typing www.julyforkings/whatyouwant.
for example, typing www.julyforkings.com/boards will take you right to the message boards. and no messing around with pop-up windows for the boards and the journal anymore.

i made a chat room with flash. actually i altered an open-source one… i guess you have to open the window twice to get it to work. it wasn’t like that running off my computer. but whatever. it works. sort of. i’m looking into getting one of those nifty AIM chat rooms, like they have over at www.newwavemusic.net. until then, i think the flash room will suffice. it’s better than what we had…

can you tell i’ve had a little extra time? don’t worry, i’ve been writing songs too. (attn: our managers…)

we’re rehearsing today, and tomorrow we’re off to Las Vegas for Red White and Boom. I am completely excited. We’ll see our friends at Mix 94.1, put some money in machines, and play music.

i will try and write at least once from Vegas and let you know what’s going down.

here are a couple photos of us performing the other day in memphis at mud island ampitheater. check out the very small, pink neon sign in the top left of the second one. that’s the peabody hotel. they have ducks. isn’t that an awesome stage? i snagged these from Katy’s photo pages.

see ‘ya.