Tonight’s show was totally rad. We played for only about 50 or 60 people, but everyone was really into it. Hello to all of you cats from Cayuga Commuity College in Auburn, NY. Youse guys was good people.

Tomorrow Jackass: The Movie comes out and I won’t be able to see it because we’ve got a show. Bummer. To make up for it, I’m going to turn the whole day into a huge episode of Jackass. First I’ll push Jason down a flight of stairs. Then I’ll let a crocodile bite T’s nipple off. Finally, I’ll put Travis and Joe in a portolet and knock it over. Fun stuff.

We got a show booked back home on November 4th at a Cd store where we’ll be playing, hanging out, consuming carbonated malt beverages, and signing copies of our NEW CD BABY YEAH BABY WHOOOO!!! If you are anywhere in Ohio, be there or be octagonal. Head over to the tour page for more info.

Right now everyone is engrossed in video games. That’s all we do at the hotel. We either do laundry, computer stuff, or video games. Mostly though, it’s video games. It’s almost like we’re living all back together in one big house again, except that w’re in a different damn city each day, and I never get a chance to make kissyface with any tasty babies. Oh well. At least I’ve still got my Sega Dreamcast and my trusty copy of Soul Caliber.

They caught the sniper dude! BAAAAHAHAHAHAH! What an asshat.

Hey duders, hold your horses. We’ll be putting up mad amounts of pictures soon, but we need to wait until we’re home because the computer we’re touring with is a bit slow. Trying to do picture stuff on it is like trying to give yourself a root canal with a spoon. Actually, it’s nothing like that…..but it’s still not fun.

Alright bastiches, The Excorcist is on and it’s late, so I’m going to go watch it. we’ll talk to you all tomorrow.