Hurray for Syracuse. Had a good show tonight. Best i’ve felt on stage in a while. Made some friends, sold some cd’s. In a minute we’re driving on to Binghamton, NY, where we’re playing tomorrow. Nothing like being able to stay in the same hotel room for two nights in a row. Kind of gives you a change to settle in more…and by that, i mean not putting away stuff a few hours after you take it out of your bag. Chances are, all of our dirty clothes will sit on the floor for TWO days, instead of one. sweet.

The club tonight was called 32 degrees. Apparently they’ve decided to call it this because the inside is covered with sprarkling blue-white paint. If i had a club that was covered in sparkling blue-white paint, i would call it 32 degrees too. Or maybe 31, so no one sued me.

Did you guys hear about us making the Billboard Top 40 Hot AC chart?! That’s pretty cool. No, REALLY cool. That’s the stuff high-school day dreams are made of.

be back shortly.