T and i are back in Las Vegas, after a wonderful show with The Counting Crows in Phoenix, AZ. We received a wonderful introduction from a couple new friends at The Zone, phoenix’s coolest raadio station, and at sunset, played for a few thousand people. The crowd was fun. And plenty of people were singing along to Normal Life, thanks to The Zone’s continued support of the song. We had a blast on stage; i think it has gone down as one of our most fun performances.

A friend from Syracuse just sent me some awesome photos from a show we played with SR-71. Here’s one:

Cool photos from Rebecca Clark!
To check out the rest, click here.

I just blew a bunch of money (well a bunch to me) on slots and blackjack. T was trying to teach me how to play…gambling is not exactly my thing. I would rather throw pennies in a wishing well all day. Probably have better chances of coming out on top.

We’ve got one more day to kill here before an acoustic show for Mix 94.1, and then we’re headed to Memphis. Three exciting cities in a row. T said to me the other day “i like to travel”. I just laughed and said “it’s a good thing”. We talked about how our interests and lifestyles were always condusive to this sort of job, before we were in a band or on the road. Like we were just naturally cut out for it or something…shortly after, we came to the conclusion that most everyone likes to travel, stay up late, and rock. (well maybe not EVERYONE likes to rock…)

anyway, i’m going to try and find something to do that doeesn’t involve throwing my money on green tables.
take care.