Merry Christmas! It’s Christmas Eve. Two days ago we returned from New Hampshire; two days from now is the big Bogart’s show in Cincinnati.
The show in Manchester, New Hampshire was fun. Props to openers Sean McCarthy (solid acoustic singer/songwriter), One Down (straight-up rock covers and originals), and Brian Vander Ark (singer from The Verve Pipe).
On the way home we got to hear “Normal Life” on the radio. And THAT was cool. I did a little dance. And almost wrecked the van.

Two days ’til Bogart’s. Today i was so excited about it, i got my hair cut. Ladies, if you need your hair did, Amy, our usual hair stylist at Salon Nouveau in Middletown, Ohio will do it up right. (513 424 8085. Shameless plug = free haircut…can you blame me?) And seriously, what guy wouldn’t want to have Travis’s trademark Billy Idol do? (don’t answer that. just joking trav. you rock. mony mony.)

Thursday, we’re going to be updating this journal about every hour. Giving you a “live” commentary about what’s going on as it happens on the way to the show, during soundcheck, and from backstage throughout the night. I know it’s not as fancy as a live video feed or anything, but we thought we would do something a little goofy for all you internet freaks, from us internet freaks.

Have a very happy holiday!
with love,