Hey guys. We’ve got some shows coming up! That makes me happy. For those of you in the midwest, hopefully you’ll be able to make it out to Detroit, Chicago, Dayton, or Cincinnati to see us. Check the tour page. And for anyone out west, keep your fingers crossed–we’ve got more dates in the works.

In Cincinnati, we’re doing The Mad Frog in February, and The Cammy’s in March. It’s safe to say that The Mad Frog is our “home club”, so it will be an honor to play for the event. It was the first club to take us in and allow us to play regularly, even when we were drawing about two (2) people. The first show we did there was acoustic, the only audience member being our own bass player. The last time we played, people were leaving because it was too crowded for them. This means a.) The Mad Frog has been great for us and to us and b.) it would be wise to purchase your tickets in advance. We’ll let you know when they’re on sale. Here’s a shot of us at The Mad Frog (it’s old. but good!)

Mad Frog July For kings font line

This shot makes the stage look a little bigger than it is…The room is quite small, and the stage is relatively low to the ground. This makes for a very intimate setting to see live music, especially for tall people, and short people who elbow their way to the front.

As i mentioned, the other Cincy show is The Cammy’s. The Cammy’s are the Cincinnati music awards, for local musicians, producers, et cetera. In 2001, we won Favorite Band, Sam (our drummer) won Best Rock Instrumentalist, and ended up with the most nominations (five total). That night, we signed a deal with MCA Records (pure coincidence). Needless to say, it was a wonderful evening for us. Last year we couldn’t make it (we were on the road), but we’re looking forward to going this year, and having the chance to play for a bunch of music people. Actually, now that i think about it, that’s a little intimidating. The event is open to the public, so if you want to ease my nervousness, check out www.ticketmaster.com. For more info about The Cammy’s, check out this article. And that’s the news. I know this is the journal, and should be filled with entertaining stories about us, but for now, you’re going to have to deal with news.

Repo (proud owner of www.normallife.org) and i are re-organizing the message boards. Actually, he is, and i’m writing a journal. Check it out by clicking the big button that says “boards” on the main page. We’ve now got a questions for the band forum, for questions for the band. Just thought i would lay that out there for you, in case you were confused by the title. It should be interesting. Want to know what kind of cologne Travis wears? I bet you do. I do. Now we have a place to seek answers to all those important questions about July For Kings and it’s members. We are here for you.

I promise i’ll get an acoustic version or two of “Normal Life” on this site as soon as i find my cd. I seem to have lost it. i hope you are well, wherever you are.