it is impossible to keep your coffee warm. the temperature has been unbelievable. i’ve taken to running around in a black ski mask. i was not surprised to find that people are quite afraid of tall guys in black ski masks. i scared two guys pretty badly in the last couple days, quite by accident.

yesterday we did a private show for the College of Wooster in Wooster Ohio. T drove through a few hours of pretty torrential snow and ice to get us there safely. thanks T.

after our usual fifteen minutes of frozen trailer lock trouble, we loaded in.

T: “i’ll give you twenty bucks to take off your shirt and roll around in the snow” [ski mask weather]
Drew: “i’ll throw in 5.”
Trav: “me too”
T: “that’s thirty bucks.”

i swear we don’t do stupid things just to take pictures for the journal. stupid things happen and i say “wait! i gotta get the camera for this”

T arranging gear.

you never know what you’re going to get with a private show. actually, you never really know what you’re going to get with any show…but especially when they’re private. basically, you have to hope that people show up, as you can’t really do anything to promote it. in this case, there were some Wooster students in the audience, but fewer than the student activities folks would have liked. they did, however, provide us with some much needed trays of veggies, meats, and fruits. the real veggies, meats, and fruits of our labor. and sweet onions. I don’t have any shots of the stage or the crowd, but i do have some photos of guitars on a rack.

Dan broke a snare drum head half-way through the set, and didn’t bring a back-up. fortunately a wooster student had a drum kit in his dorm room. T and i did some stuff w/o bass and drums while he fetched it and we finished the set without a hitch.

after the show, we found free Student art on our trailer door. we headed to a hotel and got some rest. checked out today about ten minutes late (12:10pm).

today was a glorious winter sky.

and it made T smile.

upon arriving in Columbus we stopped at China Buffet. naturally, we stuffed our selves to get our money’s worth.

General Tso excites us so.

and that’s the day so far. tonight is the big show at the Newport Music Hall, one of the coolest venues in the midwest.