Hi folks. it is late. nearing five in the morning, actually. The show tonight was fun, the crowd was great. By the look of the line at the bar, there was a massive amount of alcohol consumed. the set wasn’t perfect, by any means, but we enjoyed ourselves, and i think everyone in attendance did too. i’m listening to the tape right now, trying to determine which songs i can stand to put on this website… i missed a few notes and rambled a little too much. T forgot his slide and used a beer bottle… it’s always extremely challenging to write a journal about a show. I can’t exactly write a review in the same way that a third party might. We try and be super-critical of ourselves, and i always end up remembering or noticing the bad parts. ah well. it’s rock and roll.

We played songs from SWIM, as well as unreleased “Six Hour Drive”, “The Distance”, “Mr. President”, and “Blue”.

Here’s what it looked like:

Joe singing with acoustic guitar in bell-bottoms

Tight pants are back.

Miller playing cello

Do it T

Travis Delaney playing acoustic guitar

Travis Delaney, our resident "hottie"

Sam Dobrozsi and Jason Morgan laughing on stage

Something seemed funny at the time.

I hope you’re getting some sleep. that’s where
i’m going.