Hey guys. Caught up on e-mail tonight. that always feels good. In the last few days, we had band practice, watched the Grammy’s, and i played Super Mario 3 for original nintendo. i wrote a new song too. i think it’s a good one. we’ll see. kind of an interesting step for us musically…i’m anxious for you guys to hear it.

Please check out “Girlfriend” from the acoustic show at Canal Street on friday. I got some e-mail concerning my self-criticism in the last entry…i apologize if i brought anyone down with my apparent negativity. it was five in the morning, mind you. 😉 anyway, i think this song turned out pretty great. i hope none of you are married to windows media player–i can’t get my encoder to work. but here’s a good quality MP3 and a streaming Real Audio file.

We’re definitely looking forward to the Cammy’s, and then getting out to travel a little. I’m getting stir crazy.

lastly, check out some submitted photos from Mad Frog. thanks to Michele, Katy, Evan, and everyone else who’s been sending me stuff from the last couple shows. i kinda lost track of who sent what, but thanks to ‘ya all:

Joe standing on the speakers

standing on the speakers

T Miller singing


T Miller playing cello


Travis Delaney playing guitar and sweating


(just kidding, trav.)