Hey you. What’s happening? I have been busy. I am in a good mood. I am drinking Barq’s famous olde tyme root beer. since 1898, it’s good! You know it’s good when tyme is spelled with a y, olde gets an extra e, and the o’s of root interlock. You don’t see that shit on Mug. Good since…2000! You can’t put extra vowels in the description of a product that hasn’t existed for more than fifty years.

We’ve got lots of “behind the scenes” stuff going on right now, so if you get the impression from this website that we are dead, we are not, we are simply doing stuff that isn’t reflected on the internet. Yet. Sam told me the other day that you can catch a live stream of every CBGB’s performance on their official website. That includes ours, this tuesday. So if geography prohibits you from attending, go here http://cbgb.com/livestreams.htm and click “go to live stream” under “CBGB & Omfug” at around 9:30. That’s cool. The wonders of technology. We are leaving for a week on Sunday. We’ve been practicing long days in preparation for this trip. I can’t wait to get out and play some shows. New York City and Allentown in the same week…It’s going to rule.

Goodnight folks.