Hey. It is very late. And i am up, as usual, working on a thousand projects at once. I am either in a “manic” period, or i actually do have a ton of shit to do. I can never tell anymore. I stole the band’s scanner back from Travis, so I will be scanning some pictures from the UC show and putting them up soon, assuming the driver I am currently downloading actually makes it work (the last one didn’t). This will make it possible for you to submit photos for the site in person, at shows, instead of just through e-mail. Neat.

I am behind on e-mail this week. Approximately fifty e-mails behind, so if i haven’t got back with ‘ya yet, i will eventually.

The shows over the weekend were fun. The weather for UC shaped up to be pretty awesome, and that’s always fun. I didn’t do my usual pre-show vocal warm up for the first time in months, and I was reminded of why I usually do… But I figured two shows in a day, with a cough i’m still trying to shake, it wouldn’t make too much of a difference. We played the set kinda backwards, just for the hell of it. We’re really making an attempt to rework the live show a little. I think that’s a good thing for everyone. After the show, we ate sandwiches. Did you know–the sandwich is named after the British fourth Earl of Sandwich, who supposedly instructed his servant to fetch him some meat, in between two pieces of bread. That was still absolutely crazy in the 18th century. After eating sandwiches, we went to Urban Outfitters to look for clothes, cuz we’re urban like that (and T told Sam they had cool shoes on sale), and then to Travis’s brothers house to clean up. Thanks Dan & friends. Why I was compelled to shower before getting sweaty again, i do not know. It just feels better to walk on a stage when you’re clean. One of those things. It’s like having a date with music. You don’t want to show up all stinky and make the songs angry. Or the people directly in front of the stage. At The Mad Frog, we had a good crowd, thankfully. The last show we did there was on a couple days notice, and the show before that was on Valentine’s Day, in the middle of an torrential blizzard. It was good to have a show under normal conditions. I tried to explain this on stage, but it probably came out more like “blahblah blah, blah blah”. My good friend said it seemed as if i hadn’t been getting out much… i suppose that’s true. I am cooped up in garages and basements making music and art and websites for a month, then all the sudden i’m in front of a few hundred people with a microphone. It’s often difficult to self-edit. Despite all that, it was cool to play acoustic. The first time we played at The Mad Frog, it was acoustic. And we really haven’t played there like that in a long time. I’ve always felt like it’s a good way to play new material, because it’s easier to get a sense of a song for what it is, not how loud it is or how much we’re running around the stage. Thanks to Oddfellows Temple and Corbit for playing with us and being cool to us.

Backtracking a little. speaking of getting out more–let’s have a party! A big unbirthday party. Parties are fun. There was some stuff on the JFKArmy board a little while back about a picnic somewhere. I still want to do that. In June sometime. I grilled out some hot dogs the other night, and it was awesome. Let’s all get together and make hot dogs and play frisbee. I’ll let you know.

take care