alright alright. last night was awesome. i know i say that after every show, but seriously, last night rocked. we had a better turnout than we’ve had in months, and i sang one of my better shows in a long long time. old friends, new friends…old songs, new songs…saving ray, stonewater. good times.
before the show, we ate at the best chinese restaurant in at least the cincinnati area, if not all of america, Oriental Wok. I had stir fried halibut, one of the current specials.

we were a little late getting back, so i had to do a real half-assed vocal warm up. i felt alright already, and i think i sang well, so i guess it didn’t matter much.
we played:

Start Again
Bed of Ashes
Anything but Beautiful
Six Hour Drive
Perfect World
New Black Car
And Gomorra
a little Bach (T cello solo)
Invincible (me solo)
Normal Life
The Distance

we’ve been mixing up the set quite a bit, trying to get a sense of how the new songs are going to work in context. i think we’re getting close to something that makes sense.

it was Aaron’s last show. one more time, thanks Aaron. We’ll miss ‘ya.
this coming weekend is memphis. looks like it’s gonna be a party. there are a ton of people from the cincy area making the trip down there to see us. i expect a good crowd, and a big party. i should also point out, in case you missed it–we just scheduled a bunch of shows out in the PA area again for the end of July.
speaking of July. several people have e-mailed me offering their assistance in my acquisition of fireworks, for the post-show the night of the fourth. apparently you can buy big loud mean ones from Mexico for cheap.
and that’s what we’re looking for here. big loud mean ones. this is a quest. it’s a crusade. to make fire and noise in vegas, the holy land of big loud and mean. i will keep you posted.

lastly, Rebecca, friend and fan, has been working diligently on a new July For Kings Army site. in fact, it’s nearly finished. So expect that to launch sometime this week or next. and look forward to another new song very soon here in

have a nice sunday