hey. we’re in memphis. we listened to the buzz (94.1) coming in. those are our friends. we’re looking forward to seeing them (and saliva) tomorrow.

we have the last room at this particular hotel. we booked a room with two doubles, but somehow ended up with one large bed. T’s meeting us here tomorrow, and getting his own room with his girl. but for tonight, it’s four guys in one room. the last room. the dreaded last room.

they hadn’t given this room to anyone else because a.) it stinks like **** and b.) there’s water all over the floor, due to a leaky air conditioner. we can only assume that there is a direct correlation between the moldy smell and the water on the floor. that would be bad enough. but for us, it’s particularly annoying, since half of us will be sleeping on the floor.

(sam) And it goes on and on and on and on…

The saga of the Worst Hotel Room in Memphis continues. Travis advanced the plot by shouting from the bathroom, “The toilet won’t flush!”

“What?” ask the disbelievers.

“It won’t flush! I don’t know why, it’s just not working,” Travis replied.

“Trav….did you go number one or number two?”

“Oh no, oh no…number one.” Thank the gods.

Nathan’s cell phone just rang and the TV went bonkers. I was trying to watch The Lost Boys (Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, 80’s horror classic? Ringing any bells?) and the TV went haywire. I’m assuming that the cell phone signals are messing with the TV signals. Either that, or this hotel room really is a gateway to hell. Now I’m listening to Nathan talking to his girl and the TV is a rabid machine.

Update from Trav – “Guys, to get it to flush you have to reach into the crapwater and pull this little black thing. Come here and check it out, I’ll show you how.”

I think I’ll pass. Tonight is going to be a long night. And now…back to your regularly schedule journal update.

(joe) me again (me=joe). if you haven’t picked up on it by now, the (name) system is something we implemented a long, long time ago, to help you distinguish between band members.

so the room is a little sub-par. it’s okay. we don’t really mind.

the good news, is that our new friend Jerry, the night security guard, is keeping a watchful eye on our van and trailer. Jerry helped us find a parking spot. he’s a little upset about missing the big fishing trip he had planned the for the weekend. they made him stay and work due to so many guests being here for the weekend.

we’ll write tomorrow. it’s getting late. hopefully we’ll see some of you memphis folks at the show.