rain. rain! rain everywhere, everytime we come to pennsylvania. clouds follow us. i hope the natives aren’t angry. we recently arrived here in allentown, and just like the last few trips, we’re using this as a hub for all the shows this week. i drove the last shift tonight, through an awesome thunderstorm. when we arrived here at the hotel, half the parking lot was flooded. travis went wading out to this partly submerged vehicle:

then from out of nowhere, as we were taking photos and having a good laugh about this, the owner of the car approached us and just kinda glared.

now, we’re playing poker (texas hold ’em) with guitar pics. i was doing really well for a while. then i quit. and here i sit. i’m only showing Amos’s face, since the rest of us look pretty awful from sitting in a van for ten hours.

Amos is somehow unaffected by the wear and tear of the road. i think it’s because he exfoliates. with “a loofah”, whatever the hell that is. he also packed SIX pair of shoes. wow.
Amos is sitting in with us on bass for a while. he is cool.

tomorrow we’re playing at the Grape Street Pub in Manayuk. cool town, cool club. i’m looking forward to it. goodnight.