hi again. this is the stone pony, where we played tonight. it’s the old stomping grounds of bruce springsteen, bon jovi, and many other formidable rock acts. it’s legendary. kind of like CBGB’s, except you can’t buy a Stone Pony tee-shirt in from Delia’s yet. that’s a good thing.

it’s was another really cool day overall. no problems with the van, no broken cell phones, no getting lost. compared to the last trip we made out here, doing these shows has been a breeze. actually, a walk on the beach.

the Stone Pony is across the street from the board walk. so naturally, we went over to the ocean after load-in. being from the mid-west, i’ve always been facinated by the ocean. i love it. not the volleyball and speedos so much, but just the raw poetic power and magnificence of it. you are nothing standing by the ocean. and somehow that feels pretty good.

here i am being nothing and feeling good. my hair didn’t fare well.

after our brief stroll, we stumbled back into the club and washed our sandy feet. this photo is ridiculous. but it was not staged. travis urged me to post it, saying “no one ever sees your legs”. so here they are, no one. you haven’t seen them because they’re extremely white, and they’re extremely white because no one has ever seen them. but they exist.

and what journal post is complete without an account of the rocking out that took place? well here’s T and Amos, doing just that. we played one of our better sets in a while, despite a pretty unimpressive crowd. i’m talking quantity, not quality.

but the folks working didn’t seem too upset. everyone seemed to enjoy the set. i even got a tee-shirt for half price. XL was all they had, so i have some special plans for it.

on the drive home, we stopped at McDonald’s and ordered from the McLate menu. i used to work at McDonald’s. we didn’t have McLate then. we only had McSorry we’re McClosed. McLate sucks anyway. “nope. don’t have it. we have value meals 5 through 6.” awesome. but once you’ve entered the McWorld, there’s really no going back. so we all settled for the quarter pounder meal or the double-quarter pounder meal. which as sam pointed out, should really be called the half-pounder meal. but i suppose double implies some kind of bonus. it’s sad when McDonalds starts to seem like “real food”. but after eating nothing but ritz crackers, twizzlers, and banannas for three days, anything warm starts tasting real good.
it’s late as usual.
tomorrow is the silo in reading. all ages. i’m looking forward to seeing some younger people.