(there are two posts today–one from me and one from sam. please read his post below as well)

well that is that. what a day.
we had our street team picnic in eden park in cincinnati. it was a great time. we’ll try and get some photos on the JFKArmy.com site. unfortunately, it was rainy, so we spent most of the time in a very large gazeebo. i have much to say about the awesomeness of our fans. i will save that for another post.

then headed over to mad frog. we played one of our longest sets ever–most of the stuff from SWIM, some older stuff, and some newer stuff. it was grand.

this was one of our largest crowds at the frog ever.

in celebration of sam’s contributions to the band over the years, we played “Fortunate Son”, and he sung. i played bass, amos played guitar, t played drums, and travis played… my guitar. it was awesome.

and that was that. sam is no longer with the band. it is weird for me. yes, sam and i will stay best friends, but we won’t see each other nearly as much as we have for the last eleven years. and that is going to take some getting used to. sam was the first person to really talk to me when i transferred to a new school in the sixth grade. soon after, he introduced me to travis. they were my friends before i could grow sideburns, before i was six foot four, and long before i could play guitar. without sam i would not be who i am, and we would not have done all of this. now, i suppose things are different, as “the band” has become such a large chunk of my identity, that i don’t think i could see myself ever not making music. but i wouldn’t have set foot in a dream this big without my best friends at my side. thanks sam for everything. you know i love you. good luck out there in the real world. let me know what it’s like.