tonight we went to UC to be on bearcast internet radio. we were late getting on, due to not being able to find the place, and some technical difficulties. these difficulties persisted during the show, but that’s kind of what happens at college radio stations. no offense to UC’s, of course.

us with michelle.

sam with lots of non-working headphones.

so that was fun. we talked about the show tomorrow, sex and transportation, and cleveland. and we played some songs.

after the show, we went to york street in newport for a little while. chasing zen and chase lounge performed. both very talented bands.

i haven’t been posting on here much the last few weeks. here’s some reading material to make up for it. when we started playing with new bassists, we realized that we were in need of a definitive guide to the unspoken regulations concerning one’s personal involvement with July For Kings. recently, we’ve been trading e-mails, writing the first installment of the JFK rulebook. this is basically a large collection of inside jokes. we said “hey, what are we going to do with a bunch of jokes that no one else will get…i know–post them on the internet for everyone to see!” and that’s what i’m doing, even though it’s stupid. as i say from time to time, this is our website, and we do whatever the hell we want here.

i went through and took out everything that may get us in trouble with people we know (or people we don’t), and some of the more vulgar stuff. it’s starting to look like a U.S. government document about Saudia Arabia. we are a rock band, and perhaps we are slightly more sensitive than say, the San Fransisco 49’ers, but we’re still just a bunch of guys. and guys will be guys. if you you’re under 18, or under some delusion that we’re always well behaved and friendly, save your misconceptions and don’t read this:

JFK Rulebook.  (password vice77)

the eve of sam’s last show. (it’s late–i’m still up–it’s “eve” to me). i will try and save the sentimental sappy stuff for tomorrow; i don’t really want to think too much. i want to do a show just like we always do. i don’t want to be all crying and silly.

i hope to see lots of people at the picnic tomorrow (friday). for info. we don’t have anything special planned. mainly your usual picnic stuff. so i hope no one is expecting a surprise show with pyrotechnics. it ain’t happenin. just hot dogs and frisbees. i can’t wait to throw a frisbee. we are some mean frisbee throwers. as mean as one can get while throwing a frisbee.

and then of course, the big show.
talk to you soon.