hey you. here’s a ten minute slice of our trip today:

this is dan, with amos showing off some snickers pop-ables. Dan describes them as “popalactic”. Amos claims they’re helping him get over his cold. they are pretty awesome. T’s trying not to sit on his food.

amos really has to go.

T on the phone, by the women customers only entrance.
he got a new hat.

here’s travis and his muscles in a muscle shirt.

gas station bathrooms are yucky. gross and yucky. really not much else you can say about them.

my eyes really are red. sometimes the camera turns them hazel. my face also glows white in the dark. amos has hid a present somewhere in this photo.

sadly, this was about the most interesting ten minutes of the day.. i’ll write tomorrow when there’s a story.
see ‘ya!