hey journal readers. i know some of you are bored. hopefully this week will bring some cool stories. we’re leaving for pennsylvania in the morning.

yes, we have a drummer playing with us. his name is dan. he’s an old friend, and a phenomenal drummer. Sam played with him in marching band, and they played together more recently as the percussive duo, “the beat offs”. dan is worried about spending ten hours in a van tomorrow . ha! ten hours? try 24! for two months! just kidding dan.

actually, as i’m sure you know, we haven’t been spending much time in the van at all. i’ve been at my apartment a lot, writing songs. that’s all i do. i answer e-mail, work on a website, and write songs. i have a few new ones that i think you guys are gonna dig. we may or may not play one or two in the next few days. you’ll have to come out and see.

i hope to do an audio journal for this trip. i know some people enjoyed that last time, and we had fun making it.

last entry, i mentioned needing fans/street team members in oklahoma, Iowa, and Wyoming. a few days later, i heard from Mark. he writes:

i just wanted to let you boys know that you got fans here. Tons! I’m in the heart of Oklahoma…thanks to me and my friends you guys…are becoming a household name…


believe…is the most amazing song i have ever heard …it has totally changed my life.

thanks Mark.
i live in a box. if someone isn’t on the message boards or street team or at shows, i just don’t know they’re out there. that sounds shitty, but that’s kind of how it is. now i know of a nice Mark in Oklahoma.

still waiting to know folks from Wyoming and Iowa.

talk to you soon.