morning. how are you?
here is a photo of right now:

facinating, isn’t it?

of course “we will never forget”, and you don’t need me to remind you. but out of respect, i should acknowlege that today is the two year anniversary of the infamous september 11th attacks. terrible day. ’nuff said.

* * *
i have been busy. i’ve got all sorts of little projects on my table right now, between a few new songs i’m working on, websites, auditioning drummers, and finding some new pants.

i don’t really like the auditioning process. don’t mind the actual auditions so much, but i hate rejecting people. hate it. but it’s now part of my “job”. i am however, excited about the sheer amount of drummer inquiries, and of course, the skill of most of the drummers we’ve played with thus far. we are going to take our time with this. we’ll invite someone out on a trial or temporary basis for the upcoming shows, but we’ll continue to do auditions until we feel we have exhausted our options, and/or are sure about our decision.

what do you think of peas? i know lots of people who can’t eat them because of the texture. but i don’t mind. i also can’t taste the difference between frozen peas and canned peas. i like lima beans too. and asparagus. and salmon and catfish, even though they aren’t vegetables and aren’t particularly relevant to this already irrelevant paragraph. i’m hungry.

this just in: we have street team members in 47 states! and 21 countries! that’s pretty cool. we are missing members from Oklahoma, Iowa, Wyoming. those states are all in the bottom half on a U.S. population chart, coming in at #27 #30 and #50, respectively. The absence of JFKArmy members in Wyoming is particularly disheartening, even though it’s the least populous state. i like wyoming. my family is from there. well, my ancestors, i should say. on top of that, i’m pretty sure i’ve received e-mail from fans in Wyoming. if you guys can track down people in those three states, i’ll be a happy guy. actually, the first person to get a person from one of these states to enlist gets a free payday candybar from me at a show. and don’t go making up a name and person either. actual people, who you can convince to like and support July For kings. my goal, of course is all 50 states. then, it’s on to the entire world, although i’m not sure they have the internet in …i’m trying to think of a country i’ve never heard of, but i can’t.

speaking of the street team.. i forgot to mention some things. first of all, the picnic we had a couple weeks ago was a success. i will admit that it must have been a little weird for poeple who didn’t know anyone else, but there were definitely plenty of introductions and interesting conversations. sam received lots of well-wishes and farewells, i got a birthday card, and t got a BIG birthday card. on top of that, a bunch of people chipped in and gave us some gas cards and gas money. how cool is that?! that’s some serious shit. fans giving you gas money to come play their cities. crazy. and get this–catherine made a bunch of elephant tee-shirts. so the street team is manufacturing merchandise and paying for our gas. that is above and beyond supportive. thanks to everyone for being so helpful and awesome. i really don’t know how to express how grateful i am. it always makes me happy to see faces i recognize before and after shows, and it’s always good hearing from people. i am forever indebted.

live well