hola again. careful not to confuse hola (spanish. pronounced “O-lah”) with hollah (black slang. pronounced “Holl-ah”). i don’t think i can get away with hollah. people will say “what the hell is that skinny white guy doing saying that?”. justin timberlake can beat-box, so i guess that gives him some extra wiggle-room. he’s probably never said wiggle-room either.
i think i can get away with hola or adios, as they’re words that dorky white guys of all ages have been saying for years and years, for whatever reason. mexicans, and perhaps especially chicanos, are probably desensitized to it. correct me if i’m wrong.

and now for the news. the last week has been writing, and practice, for me. we moved into a new rehearsal space. it rocks. the last band painted the walls blue and yellow. we thank them. i’ll get some pics up here soon.

in case anyone’s been at all concerned: as i mentioned in a previous entry, we’ve discovered fans in Oklahoma, and we now have JFKArmy members there too. that leaves only TWO states. We just need street team members in Wyoming and Iowa, and we’ll have all fifty represented. areas marked red are in need of immediate attention:

if you’re out there, and haven’t signed up, i’ve composed a short poem to help inspire you:

O farmers, O cowboys,
come to our aid.
Iowa, Wyoming,
we need you so.


so i’m thinking of creating a fan of the month section for the site. i’m kicking around the idea of expanding the main page, to include a couple quirky things like that. what do you think?

a couple more days of practice, and we’ll be heading east again. i hope some people make it to the Vertical Horizon show in philly this thursday.