this one is juicy.
i figured i should write something about this sooner than later. Bob Guiney, ABC’s current bachelor on the reality TV show The Bachelor, is releasing an album on Nov 25 on Wind-Up Records. The first single is “Girlfriend”. as of today, the buzz on the net (and on some radio stations!) has begun. You can listen to his version now at, and on some radio stations throughout the country.

here are some insights and answers to questions i’ve been asked:

yes, i’ve known about this for a little while, and Wind-Up was kind enough to give me a heads-up and ask permission (just so you know, you usually don’t need permission to do a cover. as long as the royalties are being paid to the appropriate parties–writers, publishers–nobody can stop you).

i’m sure this is a little weird to most of you, and is certainly weird for me. but it’s a huge opportunity for me as a songwriter. my ultimate goal is to be able to sustain myself by writing songs. if girlfriend is a big success for bob, i may be able to focus less on how i’m going to pay my damn cell phone bill, and more on writing more songs. and hopefully those songs can be successful for US!

bob says Girlfriend is “One of two songs on the album that we collaborated with other writers on, building from original compositions. This song jumped out at me immediately because it resonated with how my life has been lately. I added some verses and a bridge that helped it really come full circle, and feel more like a part of me personally.” (from

first, it’s flattering that the song resonated with him. secondly, while we never sat down together, he does explain his definition of collaboration as “building from original composition”. as i expected, he changed it a little to make it more of his own. and that’s totally cool. the song was pretty personal, and i wouldn’t expect someone else to sing it exactly the same.

so anyway, like it or not, this is a cool thing for me, and i’m excited.

Andy Patalan (formerly of Sponge) and Joel Ferguson (The Verve Pipe) played our guitar parts. and didn’t change them much. that’s cool too, as i have a lot of respect for both players.

We have a history with Wind-Up Records, as you may know. We nearly signed with Wind-Up years ago, when they first discovered girlfriend and thought it was a hit. the deal fell through at the last minute, and we ended up with MCA. so i know they’ve always believed in the song, and me as a songwriter. as i’ve been saying, i’m pretty much through with girlfriend. we recorded it twice, and we’ve played it hundreds, if not thousands, of times. songs are meant to be shared. i’m happy that someone else has found a use for it. it’s served us well.

and that’s the scoop! i told ‘ya it was juicy!

love and peace