hey. i found some canal street photos. thanks to my friends Mark and Matt for submitting them. i know at least one person will freak out upon seeing this:

that’s right. T cut his hair. all of it, pretty much. i like it. change is good. besides, my hair is long now. so we don’t need two hippies in the group. it’s my turn to look like a hippie.

this is michelle and mark. or mark and michelle, as i like to say, for pronunciation reasons only. they are my favorite mother son duo. this really should be in the fan of the moment section, but i think this is a cool shot and didn’t want to wait to put it up. mark and michelle have been everywhere to see us. and they’re always so friendly and cool to talk with.

while i’m at it, this may be old news, but here is a shot of myself and scott from premium, from the last frog show:

cool band. nice guys.

are ya’ll on friendster? friendster.com is the new napster. except it’s friends instead of music. friend sharing. weird. can i get subpoena’ed for this? i guess if you only make a few friends it’s cool. all i learned in kindergarden about sharing was a lie.
i’ve had people e-mailing me and asking me to sign up. so i caved and did. still not entirely sure what the point of it is. i suppose to make online friends. but now that i’m on there, i need some friendsters. if you’re a user, invite me to be your friend so i may be popular. i was never popular in high school. i want to be popular online.

i just realized that this page is entirely too long. i’ll archive it soon.

if i don’t talk to you before it arrives, happy halloween! halloween is awesome. don’t stiff the trick or treat’ers and keep an eye out for The Great Pumpkin.