happy thanksgiving! thought i would drop by and say that. and a few other things while i’m here.

i took some artsy shots at practice the other day. i am hoping these will make up for some of the really hideous photos that have shown up here on the journal in the last month or so. i am working on my skills as a photographer. actually i am working on not having a lack of skills, as is currently the case. i realize these are dark, but dark is better than bright ugly blue. right? those are the only options when it comes to photos in the rehearsal space (no flash or flash).

and introducing…

Drew on bass. Drew is formerly of Pay the Girl, a now-defunct Cincinnati based pop/rock group. Pay the Girl released one album on TVT earlier this year. Pay The Girl toured many of the same places we did, and made friends at many of the same radio stations. in other words, we’ve got a lot of professional common ground with Drew, and we’re getting along famously. or almost famously only in certain places, if you want to be picky.

to see him without the harsh back-lighting, come out to the madison theater show and the all ages cc’s middletown show in december.

i finally saw the bob guiney TV ad featuring girlfriend. neat. kind of strange to be sitting in my living room seeing that. during a CNN headline news commercial break, at that! my world just gets weirder. i am getting more e-mail recently from JFK fans who i’ve never heard from, in response to the commercials and shows and all that. so that’s always good to hear from fans you didn’t know you had.

i really was hesitant to bring it up in a journal again. i know some of you may be tired of hearing about it and seeing it plastered all over message boards. just had a few lingering thoughts.. i want to stress, this is an awesome thing for me. as a songwriter, there really is no greater compliment. i hope it does well for bob and makes me at least a few bucks. i can really use the money right now. of course making music is about making music and sharing it. i would make music if it was impossible to make money from it. cross my heart. hope to die i would. with that said, it would be a hell of a lot better to be getting paid for a song i wrote than to be working at mcdonalds. i like to just lay it all out there for you guys, as i really have nothing to hide. i want to keep this whole thing in perspective.

for those of you who i’ve been directing to this journal for more information on girlfriend, see the post at the bottom of the page. for anyone else who is still having trouble wrapping their heads around this, read up on compulsory lisences and buy Carole King’s Tapestry. i get the sense that in the early 70’s, artists borrowed songs and were more open about it more freqently. maybe i’m wrong.
occasionally i’ll hear a great song, and research the writer. sometimes i’ll hear a song i’m already familiar with via the original writer, as was the case with Faith Hill’s “Cry”, originall written and released by Angie Aparo. but this is certainly a brand new perspective on the whole thing. first person present tense i think. cool stuff.

anyway, i hope you stuff yourself with turkey. remember, at 180 degrees, your poultry is done. be sure and push the thermometer in deep. and it’s good to have a choice of two pies. use some extra brown sugar and marshmallows on the yams for me.