finally I get to write a journal page. which is not without a sense of dramatic irony, because I am saying hello to say goodbye.

with a minimum of pomp and/or circumstance, the show this past weekend at the Scarlet & Grey in Columbus was my last show with July for Kings. I did not mean to be dishonest with those of you who asked me directly (actually, at the time I wasn’t sure officially) whether it was, and I apologize. I really didn’t want to make a big deal out of it.

to put to bed any rumors, allegations, accusations, etc.: i am NOT leaving because T wouldn’t put out. quite the opposite. I have been playing with other artists since I began with JFK back in July, and it has become difficult to the point of impossible to keep all of these commitments. in a decision the difficulty of which I wish I could express, I decided to step down from playing with July for Kings. if I could have the cake and eat it, too, I would. I like cake.

I wish the guys nothing but the best in the future, and hope to be around for the shows (probably with Sam & Aaron in the “ex-members of JFK” section, giving the new bass guy the “musician’s stare-down”).

Lastly, it has been a wonderful ride and a great experience to make this music with these excellent human beings. And also Dan. I have enjoyed meeting all of you, signing your various paraphenalia, singing with you from stage, crashing on your floors, sweating on you during post-show hugs. Thank you for letting me play for you.