hello. i just finished trimming this page…if you only check the site every-so-often, and want to see more recent journal entries, be sure and visit the archive. when i’m feeling nostalgic, i browse through them. granted, only the journals from the last year and a half or so are on this site, but it’s been a crazy year and a half. it is starting to feel like a very long time since we finished recording SWIM.

as posted on the tour page, the november PA, NY, VT run of shows is not happening. we are disappointed, but it’s really out of our hands. i think it’s safe to say they are “postponed”, as our trips east have become rather frequent due to nice clubs and our hard-working managers. hopefully we’ll have dates rescheduled in all of those venues. this is the first time we’ve had to cancel anything in a while (since snow and ice prevented us from traveling once last winter). i’m really sorry, especially to the club owners and promoters, and any friends or fans who may have begun planning around work or school, booking hotels, etc. i know some of ya’ll like to travel to see us and we do appreciate it. again, i hope this wasn’t a huge inconvenience for anyone.

friday night, we played at A1A in Lexington, Kentucky. i am living in Lexington now, so it was particularly enjoyable for me. i had a ten minute drive to the club. i met up with the guys around 7:00 and we loaded in our gear. Then we went back to my place for a little while.

Dan and T in my car. er, i mean, the limo.
we killed an hour or two playing an old original Nintendo game, Wizards and Warriors. one of our personal favorites.

back at the club around 10:00, Chasing Zen took the stage. they write good songs, and i enjoyed listening. i saw them acoustic a while back in cincinnati, so it was cool to see a full out set.

dan and trav backstage. travis has had a long day. A1A’s backstage is not too glamorous. it is in fact in back of the stage. the space between the stage’s end and the sidewalk’s beginning, covered in a ceiling. but this kind of room is fun, mainly because it’s one of the few places where vandalism is okay. or at least, it’s become more okay over time, as more bands have said “well if all these people did it…”. Another great room like this is at the Crowbar in Stage College, PA.

us in the full-length funny mirror, a real confidence booster for those days when you feel unbearably correctly proportioned.

at around 11:00 Ash Wednesday went on. another cool group. it was the first time i had seen them. real rock and roll. and nice guys. i can’t say enough good things about either band. thanks to them for sharing the stage with us.

we went on about midnight. this is what we played:

actually, we didn’t get to champagne, as T started playing normal life and nobody stopped him. but it worked out. we had forgotten that lexington clubs close at 1, and we would have had to cut the distance or normal life anyway.
this is the new look of the set. i’ve been telling people that we’ve been playing 50/50 songs from Swim and new stuff, but i now realize that’s untrue. before our additions, (actually pre-show audience requests), it was about 30/70 old/new. so that’s good i guess. i think we’ve got around an hour of solid stuff written since Swim. This show was the first time we played the end of the world. that may not be the permanent title–i know i’ve already titled a song with world in it–but isn’t it a good word?

i’ve been writing all the time lately.

hopefully we’ll see you friday in columbus.

i bless the rains down in africa,