howdy. saturday night was the show at scarlet and grey in columbus. rock. the few hours before we took the stage felt more like a JFK fan convention than a show. there were people from ohio, pennsylvania, new york, arizona, michigan, and oklahoma. lotta love in the room. i enjoyed hanging out and catching up with all the road-tripping crazies. i mean crazy in the best way possible. Lissa brought me brownies. i met a 1985 Bull Riding Champion (who played a mean harmonica, and offered to give it to me). i played fooseball with katie, katy, and amanda. we lost track of the score.

the vibe was good and fun and happy. the people working the bar were very nice. and like i said, lots of love. love makes any room cheerier.

we took the stage rather late. i wore my cowboy hat and a flowery shirt.

i took a small unscientific poll before the show. the vote was “yes. dress up like a cowboy”. so that was fun. dan had my back with an ornate button down of his own. i love cowboy hats, but i always feel like people are looking at me funny when i wear one. it must be hard to be a cowboy. i guess you guys are cool with it though. you like cowboys. that’s good. glad we’re on the same page here.

we played a relatively long set. there was some confusion as to whether there were three bands or four. so we wrote the set to be short. come to find out, there were only three bands. we played most of our shorter set. then with two songs left i looked at the clock and noticed we had a ton of extra time. so we added
just right
the real america
and six hour drive, calling each one out between songs. it was rather spontaneous. as we hadn’t rehearsed a couple of those in a while, there were some shaky spots. but it’s always fun to be off the cuff on stage. we closed with normal life and the distance. not so off the cuff. but good closers, i think.

do it dan.

we also played believe, champagne, bed of ashes, new black car, perfect world, one by one… start again, by request. we hadn’t played that in a long time. it goes like this:

and meteor flower (i realize i’m sort of working backward here), at the request of several people, including the lovely Misty, owner of i have stolen these photos from her. and cropped (damn ugly white panel ceilings) and added some contrast, fyi.

T in the trailer during load-out.

hanging out on High St. after the show.

sorry to those who had their cars towed. other than that, it was a good time. i realize it was a late night for everyone who got up early, and a long tomorrow for those of you driving trans-state(s) and/or working saturday morning shifts. thanks to everyone who made it out and partied late. i hope you made it home safely.

next on the schedule is the covington KY madison theater show on december 13th, then an all ages show december 28th at C.C.’s Showcase in Middletown, OH. for you Middletown natives confused by the all ages-ness, we have made a deal: they will not be serving alcohol at the show. so it’ll be all ages. it’s the first time they’ve done an event like this. if you are 21+, want to come but can’t have a good time in an alcohol-free environment, i suggest drinking before hand. i want this to be a huge. if you’re interested in helping us promote, e-mail us.

that’s it for now.
peace love and rock