hey. not much going on this week in the way of actual JFK activity. but i thought i would check in and give you some random fake news and even a little real news. fake news is the stuff we come up with to keep us and you occupied when it seems as if we’re not busy. if you haven’t noticed the big banner thing on the front page, we are trying to get people to go to globaldust.com and sign up as a JFK fan/little red dot. check it out. it’s neat. that’s the kind of fake news i’m talking about.

now for the real news. if you haven’t heard through the grapevine, Amos Heller is no longer playing bass with us. the time and money constraints of the real world have made it rather difficult on him. it really is that simple. we thank him for everything he did for us over the last few months. he is an amazing player and a good friend. thanks amos.

but have no fear. we have another bassist lined up for the december shows. we will keep on keeping on.

speaking of december. as i mentioned in a previous entry, we want to heavily promote the december 28th middletown, ohio show. i am thinking of setting up a day where we, the July For Kings Army (our official street team), meet up in middletown somewhere. from there we’ll split up into groups to wallpaper the city. i’ll post something about this eventually, or send out a mailing to the JFK Army people. www.JFKArmy.com

i wrote almost a hundred e-mails in the last two days. pretty good, huh? i think i am all caught up. hate to break it to you guys, but i think i am fast approaching the end of keeping up. i’ve been slacking off more and more in the last few months, and i just can’t quite get to them all anymore. especially now that it’s also a health concern, as i am developing a good case of CTS. that in mind, i need to save my hands for things like playing guitar. so a million apologies if i can’t get back to you like i have been. but there are just way too many things going on with me and way too much e-mail. i am not saying don’t write me. i love getting e-mail. and i love responding, but just don’t hate me if i can’t. here is the bright side-i will make an attempt to post more stuff here in the journal if i am writing less e-mail.

i wrote a good song yesterday. so that’s good. and as always, i am making websites.

well i hope you’re enjoying the cooler weather and using your fireplace if you have one. the cincinnati bengals were awesome on sunday. UK basketball starts this friday. get out your foam fingers