There is a single moment from this trip that I will remember for the rest of my life.

I will remember that it was between nine and ten in the evening, and that Phoenixs’ weather had treated me to a mid 60’s day. I will remember that this weather in December just didn’t seem right to me, and probably never will. I will remember that there were no clouds, I will remember that I know this because I wasstaring up at the stars. I will remember that I was doing this because I was lying down, and that I was lying down on a gigantic beanbag chair. I will remember that I was in a VIP Area, acting very un-VIP-like, because I really didn’t care. I remember hoping I could keep every detail fresh in my mind forever.

But I know that I won’t….because the clearest detail is already starting to overshadow the others. It’s easily brushing those other memories from my mind, erasing them because it overpowers them.

The reason I know that I won’t clearly remember all of those things is because I know that I’ll only remember one thing about that night……..I got to see Counting Crows, and it was f’ing phenominal.

Other than that, the Phoenix trip was totally and completely, mindblowingly awesome. The people in Arizona have nice weather that is perfect for….well, reptiles. However terrible it must be there in summer, it really is great in December where someone like me can go and enjoy a day that tops out at 70 degrees…..just a few f’ing weeks before Christmas! I love it.
Another thing that’s different about Phoenix is it’s total lack of green. I happen to like grass and trees, but when you live in the middle of the desert, you don’t see much of either. They actually have grass FARMS where they have to grow it for the golfs courses, businesses and lawn-mower industry. Grass farms. Wierd.

However odd Phoenix seemed to me, it did have at least one thing in common with Cincinnati; at our show there were about a kajillion people singing along with Normal Life when we started playing it. Now, don’t get me wrong; there were definitely a few who were singing along to ALL of the songs, and definitely a few who weren’t singing to ANY of the songs. However, when we started playing Normal Life, there was a decided shift in energy among the people in attendance. A decided upward shift.

And it was good.

That’s really all the rambling I’ve got. We’ll see everyone in Memphis, and then in the big Cincinnati show. Anyone who comes to the Cincinnati show should probably bring protective headgear, because that night is going to be so awesome that I’m liable to flip out and headbutt you just because I’m having such a good time. You have been warned.

Magnetically Yours,