hey guys. we are in allentown pa now, our home away from home..

yesterday we had practice and finished working on a new song with no name, which we will play for the first time tomorrow night at Crocodile Rock. we are most excited about it.

today we sat in a van all day collecting grime. there is this layer of grime that kind of attaches to you when you are sitting in a van for 10 hours. it doesn’t matter if you are asleep or awake, in the front or the back. you could sponge bathe yourself at every rest stop and you would still collect this grime. we shall call it road grime. not exactly sure what the scientific cause is. i think it has a little to do with doritos, game cube, coffee, cigarette smoke, and maybe even the bromate in my dasani water.

eew. being in a band is gross. maybe being a guy is gross. you get used to it. being in a band, that is. still trying to get a handle on this male thing.

here we are midway through severe-bioaccumulation of grime. in case you’re just joining us, “we” are:

drew phillips – bass
drew will also be singing three part harmonies now. awesome.

yours truly, nick love – vocals, guitar.

travis delaney – guitar and suckers.

dan mcquinn on drums and pickles. this one wasn’t dill enough for dan’s liking. apparently drew and dan both have grandmothers who make pickles, they are pickle connoisseurs.

T miller – guitar, cello

and the arby’s mitt, locked up in a cage in the basement. i really hate that mitt. time for a new mascot. i’m glad it didn’t say anything to me while i was in there.

i accidentally stole drew’s sandwhich. and he got mine. what a debockle. oh the confusion. my problems are really not worth discussion.

maybe one–UK lost the other day. didn’t even make the sweet sixteen. i am now rooting for Xavier, and any other teams whose names start with an X. that would include the X-men if they played basketball but they don’t.

here i am now. Dan just got back from getting some jumbalaya at a gas station. didn’t know they had that at gas stations.

hopefully we’ll see some allentown people tomorrow night.
and then some cincinnati area people on saturday