recording went well. thanks to my excellent little sister amy for coming down to sing. did some background parts on perseus. she was patient while i figured out how to use my new pre-amp. but if you’ve been to a studio to record, you know that the first day is waiting, waiting. and the first hour or two of most days is waiting, waiting for the engineer to fix all the problems that arise. so in some ways, the wait was kind of a testament to my professionalism–it’s just like the pros do it. and if you’ve ever sang in a vocal booth anywhere, you know that the headphone cord adapter inevitably comes lose and only plays one channel (left or right). you have to wiggle it to get it to work. even in studios in L.A. and New York. my house? it’s no different. hot tea? i’ve got it. cat rubbing up against the mic stand during takes was a little different though.

i forgot to take pictures while we were working, but here’s my humble experimental laboratory:
The Red Light Special
Home Studios are Cozy

amy was a little bit sick and didn’t have much of a voice. fortunately we only needed her head voice (falsetto), and that was working great. slowly but surely we are filling up the holes on the album.
soon we’ll have an entire blanket
ooh or a jacket, better yet
whatever covers you
a jacket of music where the only holes are appropriate holes.
(that’s the headhole and armholes and waisthole.)

and speaking of jackets, today during a break we went to my favorite vintage store Jonk. i got a cool jacket, and a neil young cd for three bucks.

happy saturday