Drew Phillips is no longer with July For Kings. Drew played bass guitar with us for the last two years. he is one of my good friends, an amazing musician, and one of the most selfless people i know. plus he has a great smile. i have learned a lot from him personally and professionally. rather than have a big last show, he requested to keep this as quiet as possible, seeking to “keep the positive light on the band.” drew you know i had to say something!

Bassist Drew Phillips, on tour with July For Kings March of 2004

not only did he make huge musical contributions, but he worked tirelessly to help the band through innumerous ongoing financial and logistical difficulties that come with being an independent artist. we are left with a void that will be difficult or impossible to fill. instead, we will seek to restructure and rethink the way we’ve been working. we are starting over. again. more on this in the coming months. it is the new year! i am resolute.

thanks for everything drewster. good luck and love to you.