i have been quiet
i thought i would write.
i must confess. i haven’t been working on the album. i haven’t even been listening to the album. my head will be very fresh tonight.
but i have been doing some other non-musical but music-related things.
and i’ve been playing my piano.
did i tell you i got a piano? i got a piano.
it’s beautiful. it’s an antique upright from the 1930’s. i love it.
tonight i’m having my sister down to sing on some things. we’ll be working for a couple days. in preparation i spent much of last night assembling one of those corner desks.
i always wanted a corner desk. i didn’t know it was going to take me an entire day to put together. but it’ll be worth it. plus, the pieces of foam packing made a tasty treat for the cats. not coincidentally, they left a treat on the carpet later. i was considering eating some foam myself, but not anymore.