i am home in lexington; blumpy is back in los angeles.

this marks the end of what i’ve dubbed the 2006 sleepathon. the last few days i’ve been averaging over 12 hours of sleep a night. i think i was just drained physically emotionally and mentally. i kept sitting down to do something and could not. i am sure you have felt this way. feeling much better now though.

piano vs cello

we had a busy final day in the studio. absolutely one of the highlights of making the whole album was improvising with a piano while t improvised on cello. we just traded melodies for about a half hour, playing off each other for the new bridge/outro for pray the stars. third time we’ve re-written it, but this one is a keeper. i hope.

piano in the mirror

thanks again to my loving sister and brother in law for allowing us to take over their home.

there are a few things we didn’t get to–a couple bg vocal ideas with T and Amy, some distorted guitars. i will be recording those parts in lexington with a new mic and pre-amp courtesy of blumpy (which will no doubt show up as recoupable expenses within the album budget, but nice gifts nonetheless!). i have been doing some home recording for a few years now, but only with the intention of making quality demos. in the coming weeks i will make my first recordings for masters. i should have been doing this years ago, but was never able to aprehended quality gear. if i could give any advice to other artists, it’s learn to make decent recordings yourself early on. buy the stuff, and just do it. this will save you thousands of dollars in studio time. plus it allows you to more comlpetely express yourself, which is invaluable especially in the early stages of a songs development. nothing is more important than a song, and being able to grow one up on your own terms.

i think i’m going to stop taking voices submissions tomorrow so i can start assembling the track. i have a ton of them. thanks to everyone who submitted something! if you haven’t and still want to give it a shot, get it to me joe at julyforkings dot com in the next day or two and i’ll drop it in. by the end of the track, it’s going to sound like a train station.

lots going on right now. i’m sure i’ll be back shortly.