today people all over the US received their pre-ordered Curvature CD’s. this is an exciting time! over the next few days people in further away places like canada, australia, south africa will get them as well. it is a relief and an honor to know that a product we have worked very hard on for a couple years is finally making its way out into the world. i am listening now to it in a different way, a more objective way, knowing that other people are listening too.

a song is a snapshot of a very specific moment in time. like a shoreline, at every moment you are different. you can never again recapture a past moment or idea exactly in real life. but you can with art! art is the pinning down of life. it’s a quick hand on a piece of paper blowing off a desk. gotcha. my friend told me “this is the best use of your talents” and i hope that’s right. this record is at the very least a good snapshot of me. the me that was me as i was writing it anyway.

this record would not exist without my friend and producer Blumpy. thank you blumpy and antonia for all your help. thanks also to eric d stewart whose video for mitral really helped to set up a visual mood to accompany the music. and of course, thank you for purchasing it! i hope our indulgences will make it as rewarding for you to listen to as it was to make.

* * *

i’ve had a few interviews recently that are going pretty well. i feel like i have a lot of stories to tell.

we just added a bunch of show dates, we recently got our promo video on the samsung players on display on a lot of best buy stores out west, and we have iTunes europe exclusive digital distribution. on tuesday we’ll have CD’s available at every Barnes & Noble store in ohio and we’ll be kicking off everything with a performance at the west chester location. here’s the info ONE more time:

Tuesday April 17th, 7:30pm
Barnes & Noble
9455 Civic Centre Blvd
West Chester, OH 45069
All Ages
Curvature CD Release signing and acoustic in-store performance.

this is a big day for us. it would be great to see you!

peace and love