thought i would share this sort-of bibliography of some recent reviews and articles.

His stunning debut “Curvature” is an impressive display of spiritual expression and musical creativity.
alternative addiction, Chad Durkee, Wednesday April 25th 2007

His voice makes every song soaring and symphonic and so many of the songs on Curvature would be career-defining songs for some bands. For Hedges, its just another effortless part of self-expression.
resident media pundit, New CD Release: Joe Hedges’ Curvature, Greg Robson, Tuesday April 10th 2007

…Hedges possesses an everyman’s poet type of style…With this album, I suspect Hedges is getting himself yet one more step closer to indie-rock semi-stardom and respect. This disc is a proving ground for Hedges, and he proves himself in spades—he has without a doubt made the leap from fun rock front man, to now a respected singer-songwriter.
sound the sirens magazine, Trent Moore Monday April 16th 2007

The snow on the trees and the quiet reminded him of C.S. Lewis’ fictional kingdom Narnia and helped shape the tone of the music.
traverse city record eagle, studio in the woods, Tom Carr, Friday April 6th 2007

…the artwork of Middletown-born musician Joe Hedges, whose artwork for the show also serves as the cover for his latest album, “Curvature.” The artwork is known as the “Leaking Heart” series.
middletown journal, Miami University Middletown exhibits alumni artwork for anniversary, Eric Robinette, Friday April 6th 2007

The new album marks a change in style for Hedges, who used to write and record his demos on the guitar. The new tracks were layered in the studio, resulting in a more exotic sound Hedges likens to “ambient pop.”
dayton daily news, Barnes & Noble conducts ‘Curvature’ CD release party, Eric Robinette, Friday April 6th 2007

unfortunately one of the most revealing articles is not available online. it’s from the town meeting, a weekly paper in the super-small town in Michigan where we recorded the album. this cracked me up:

Of all the places in the world to record a CD, Cincinnati-based musician Joe Hedges and producer Blumpy chose Rapid City…they spent free time at the Village Market, where they purchased food…”The Village Market became our embassy,” he said. “I was like, ‘I don’t know what do you guys wanna do,’ and they were like, ‘I don’t know what do you wanna do?’ I said, ‘Go to the village Market, I guess.’ So we went there.”
Town Meeting, Musicians Record Album on Elk Lake, Megan Taylor, Thursday April 19th 2007

that is because there was nothing else to do but sit in the snow. sit in the snow vs. go to grocery store. some days it really was hard to decide. this became a conversation piece because there is a faded receipt from village market in the album artwork. i bought lots of cherries and bananas there.

getting quite a few itunes customer reviews too

…an experiment gone extremely right!
kidinbigd, iTunes customer review, April 2007

“[Curvature] ventures well beyond the bounds of typical alternative music, showing a darker side of Hedges”
Ohio Listener, iTunes customer review, April 2007

the album is classified as explicit on itunes, which is funny because there is only one bad word on the whole record, and there are no themes that are particularly abrasive. unfortunately the one cuss word is a fuck and it just happens to be within the first second of the first itunes clip of the first song on the album wake up. guess that is all they needed for the explicit stamp. oh well. can’t really blame them. if you’re feeling positive please write an itunes review! you can also create and share an imix, maybe “best songs to paint to” or something like that.