ghostly CEAs
photo by Shay Zimmerman

if you’re curious, we did not win either category. i did have a great time though. this is the best music event in Cincinnati. the Taft theater is gorgeous and i was really impressed with the bands and the overall production. the bands were fantastic–buffalo killers, the bad veins, wussy, etc. big video screens with montages of the nominees, a nice podium and lights show. it was really interesting just how much it mirrored some of the national awards shows like the Grammy’s. although it was less posh (think “who are you wearing?” “goodwill”) there was the obligatory random nudity–a member of the punk rock category winner mooning the audience, the really boring guy who was rambling, the witty hosts, the woman in the too revealing dress, et cetera. overall it was a great experience and a lot of fun. unfortunately i don’t have any decent photos but there are probably some on the internet although probably not of us. i was wearing zara pants and shirt with “vintage”(goodwill) jacket. we did walk the red carpet but opted not to talk to the women in the directors chairs with the mics and cameras because they scared us slightly.

that’s the rundown. i’m sure there are better blogs on this from people who are a little more connected or in tune with the local scene. although after the other night, i feel much better informed as to what’s going on around here, and there is a LOT of cool music. nice that people are getting some recognition for it.

happy thanksgiving!
am thankful for your support and friendship. and for yams.