okay i am back. every day i am getting more and more into JFK mode. i am taking a slightly lighter load this semester in school to make more time for music. we are going to be playing regional shows nearly every weekend. check out the tour schedule for Cleveland, Columbus, Kent, Lexington, and Cinci. if saturday’s mad frog show turnout is any indication, the jfk fanbase is alive and well despite us not having released new material (under the July For Kings name) in four years. that is the really amazing thing to me lately. thanks for hanging in there with us through member changes and lulls etc.

the show went pretty well for us having taken the holidays off completely. there were some technical problems, including me breaking a string within the first 20 seconds of the show, a really drunk woman in the front row kept knocking my monitor off the stage… i finally said something “we’re going to have to get her out of here” and i didn’t see her again so i guess it worked. i am totally fine with drunkeness and strange drunken dancing (and was rather amused by it) but knocking stuff over just is not going to fly. it was rather amusing though. and all in all it was a great time and it was great to see everybody. our next mad frog show is March 27th; we are hoping it is even better.

i think we are going to have some good momentum going into 2009, and when the album drops it should be a lot of fun.
i have been working with John and Dan finishing it up. this is the most self-reliant the band has ever been. our guitarist John McGuire graduated from CCM with a degree in music recording/engineering, and myself and Dan have been picking things up from other people in studios over the years. most notably people like Ken Lewis, Eric Stewart, Andy Ellis, and of course Blumpy, who is kind of like my recording Obi Wan, an intermittent holograph in the back of mind. we are finished recording all the drums, guitars, keys, vocals, etc for the album. Dan and John are sorting through the tracks and piecing everything together, and John is going to mix. i think i am going to be mixing a couple tracks myself as well, for this first time ever. or at least try. of course, if it doesn’t go well between john and myself i will have to find outside mixers. as always, i am quite a perfectionist and i will not release something if i’m not really really happy with it. which may explain why we only release an album every few years. but it really is coming out this year, i assure you.

it is by far the most eclectic thing we have ever done. the songs range from acoustic ballads to piano based pop to country folk to hard rock but somehow retain a JFKesque quality throughout. i think it is a very interesting, mature pop record and i hope you will enjoy it. if Curvature was the most challenging thing i’ve done, this is by far the most accessible. i am hoping we can have a couple tracks mixed in the next few weeks and get them up on myspace. i’ll let you know

i hope you’re having a great year. keep in touch via myspace, facebook, email joe hedges (at joe hedges dot com) or however else you see fit. peace and exotic fruits.