you may be reading this blog through facebook notes,,, or at it’s official home, this self-syndication is getting pretty hardcore. it is nice of facebook to allow rss feeds. thanks for reading.

as i said in my last entry, with the new jfk album coming out i am going to attempt to blog more this year and generally keep better contact with you guys. that is going to include some pointless anecdotal stuff from my daily experiences. here goes.

i am currently in chicago. i came up here just for a day staying with my friend Thom thanks to, where i got a $10 ticket. i will go almost anywhere if i can do it and only spend $10. yesterdayi ate chicago style pizza and visited the museum of contemporary art. today i am hoping to take lots of pictures.

january was exotic fruit month for me. i have begun creating themes for my months. i would encourage you to do this. it has added a great deal of focus and purpose to my life. as exotic fruit month draws to an end, i would like to reflect briefly on my discoveries. first, the good ones:

the kumquat
(not my photo)

the kumquat. the humble kumquat is by far the greatest of my exotic fruit discoveries. kumquats (or cumquats) look like miniature oranges and taste like “nature’s sweet tarts”. they’re about the size of large grapes and are a delicious bite sized snack. unlike the orange, the skins of kumquats are sweet and the centers are sour. that means, when you first bite into it it is sour, but then changes to sweet as you chew. this is a taste sensation not to be missed. go out and buy some right now and let me know how it goes.

another great fruit to try is the feijoa.

the feijoa
(not my photo)

feijoas are about the size of a kiwi and taste somewhat like kiwis, only with a tangy minty overtone. delicious. you just cut them in half and spoon out the insides. you can eat the skin too althogh the taste is too intense for me.

mini bananas. taste pretty much like big ones, only smaller. good if you have small friends, pet monkeys, or are in a mario kart race.

some fruits i do not reccomend:

prickly pears. wtf. these things are impossible to eat as they are filled with little unchewey seeds.

kiwanos (horned melons): again, seeds are a huge problem and a big inconvenience. but the upside is that they look like aliens when you cut into them. and i am pretty into anything that resembles an alien or a dead alien.

that wraps up exotic fruit month. thank you for your pretend interest.

hey, do you know any squirrels? they are awfully nice in the cleveland area. i hate to stereotype but i think the squirrels are nicer in cleveland than cincinnati and many other areas. i took this at a park

squirrel is fat

we exchanged contact info and he is coming down to cincy this weekend. we are going to catch up on american idol on the dvr.

last weekend we played in cleveland at the HiFi. unfortunately this show was full of technical issues, even worse than the mad frog. hopefully we are finished with equipment issues for a while as this was two shows in a row. i think john is beginning to think this band is cursed. i promise you john, this is atypical. but we have generally been playing well, and starting to really gel. the other night at practice we worked out a new show intro, and are going to begin introducing more songs from the new album into the live show.

speaking of the new album, we really need a name for it.
we have a few working titles:

pieces of paper
no silence between these walls


i like three syllable words. coming off “nostalgia” and “curvature” we need a new word. narrative is our current favorite.
some concept for this album that may help:
it is new and old songs
looking forward while celebrating the band’s history
i think all the songs are story-songs.

that’s all i’ve got for now. my side is sore from shoveling snow. that says something about the amoutn of snow and the amount of a wimp i am.