i am working on a new solo album. it includes new and old songs. i have nine or ten songs started
i have a bunch of ideas including the possibility of making a series of paintings to accompany the songs. i want the packaging to be really special and unique, coming off the 100 covers thing for JFK. i figure these days, either people want to own physical CD’s or they don’t. the people that no longer buy physical CD’s, they will probably not buy my CD’s no matter what. but for the people who still find album art valuable, i feel an obligation to make the art really interesting and heartfelt. and perhaps the people who download or burn the CD will STILL want to buy artwork. i don’t know. just trying to think of ways to keep afloat and keep making music. i think the curvature stuff was pretty successful, tying my art to my music. this will just be the next step.

like curvature, the album is quite dark and quite weird, especially compared to the pop extravaganza of july for kings monochrome. honestly i really could USE another upbeat song or two for this solo record since all my pop songs went for JFK, but nothing has come out yet. i’ve been playing with this thing in 5/4 and 7/4

i am hoping to be able to finish at least 12 songs while working on accompanying paintings

anyway, here is what i am looking at:


1 half right
2 monkey
3 i can try
4 as soon i can (come home)
5 street light
6 magic
7 flute weirdness / cicadas
8 ultra cinamatic
9 epinephrine
10 four leaf clover

need to start:

11 wait for you
12 throat

need to prioritize:

13 what is real
14 nothing
15 highway
16 sleeping through
17 cemetary sun ?
18 wrong day ?
19 christmas day
20 walk carefully
21 the fog
22 tarantula

need to finish/re-write

23 i don’t get lonely (desert song) ?
24 sea fishing
25 i won’t
26 we are music
27 the corners of our eyes

i hope you are well