i have basically locked myself in my apartment for the last three weeks working on this album. so far i have played all sorts of things on it including but not limited to five different acoustic guitars, a ukelele, a dulcimer, accordian, keyboards and more keyboards, shakers, tamborines, bells, maracas, my newly tuned piano, a wooden box, an antique toy cash register, my lap, a glass of water, et cetera.

the concept for the record is to combine electronic sounds with organic acoustic sounds. i believe that is the frontier of progressive music. the album has a lot of echoes of artists like sigur ros, four tet, radiohead, bjork, early nine inch nails and peter gabriel; all artists that combine futuristic and organic sounds with great success. sometimes i can’t tell if i am sounding like radiohead because i like radiohead, or because that is just what you end up with when you let loose and sonically pillage in an unrestrained postmodern way. it must be some of both although i have been thinking about this tonight and i think most of it is the latter. i honestly do not think many rock artists allow themselves the kind of creative freedom that radiohead has. i think if they did, a lot more artists would sound a lot like radiohead, whether they had heard of them or not. what you have instead, are thousands of artists citing radiohead as a major influence, but not aking many sonic risks in the studio.

i love being in the studio. it is among my favoritest things. it is an endless sea of sonic adventure.

despite being a self-proclaimed risk taker, my new album is still so POP i can hardly believe it. i have always felt myself being pulled between those two worlds aesthetically. so i guess when i do what i truly want to do on an album it should not be surprising that it is at once incredibly weird but still accessible. or at least, that is how it sounds to me. i hope it is received that way. if you like radiohead and phil collins, you will like this album. i suspect that if you count yourself among the minority of people who love both radiohead and phil collins, you will absolutely love this album as much as i have loved making it.

today we are at john’s studio finishing up the drums with dan. he has come with a lot of creative ideas of his own, as well as delivered on the very challenging songs and drum parts i have written. i cannot imagine doing these drums with another drummer. we have two songs in 5/4, a song with verses in 7/4, a lot of signature changes within songs. and for the most part, he just learned everything in the studio yesterday and knocked it out. this is quite the triforce of professionalism.

we were talking yesterday about how easy these sessions have been. definitely the lowest stress sessions i have ever had, and that is saying something. i think has a lot to do with the amount of mutual respect we have for each other, and being open minded about each others ideas. it helps when everyone gets along as friends.

i am hoping to post a song on myspace soon.