I am participating in an exhibition about romance at the incredibly hip and comically named Museum Gallery/Gallery Museum on Sycamore Street in Cincinnati.  I was honored and excited to be asked to create a piece especially for the event.  This is a unique call and response gallery show where “works by fourteen couples are re-evaluated/considered by thirteen singles”.  My painting is cute and whimsical a celebration of my relationship with my wonderful girlfriend Emma.  The piece will be displayed with an accompanying (and most likely mocking) work by another Cincinnati artist–an artist who is not in a relationship.  Please consider stopping by on opening night to see these two works as well as works from other couples and singles on Final Friday July 29 at 7:00pm to 10:00pm.

Friday July 29
7:00pm – 10:00pm
Museum Gallery/Gallery Museum
1218 Sycamore St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Artists include:
Wendy Desrochers and Randall F. Slocum
Dustin and Heather Smith
Katy and Zachary Tompkins
Lee Serbin and Alex Walp
John DiPuccio and Tilley Stone
Cassie and Steve Kemple
Lisa and Leif Fairfield
Sarah Jones and Andy Upton
Matt Morris and Eric Ruschman
Joe Hedges and Emma Wehmeyer
Rachel Fleischer and Wyatt Niehuas
Ken Bruce and Sheida Soleimani
Jacques Laramie and Tiffany Dawn Nicholson
Iwona Franczek and Alan Pocaro
Sara Corley
Abby Cornelius
Anne Flavin
John Knight
Casey Meter
Patricia Murphy
Nicolas Perkins
Reid Radcliffe
Eric Rieper
Emily Sites
Michael Smith
Avril Thurman
Nevels Von Trapp
Brian Wikoffwith

special virtual performance by:
Andre Alves