I am pleased to have accepted a position at Washington State University in Pullman, WA as Assistant Professor of Painting/Intermedia!  I will run the painting program, teach and advise undergraduate and graduate students, conduct a program of peer-reviewed scholarship (mostly in the form of participating in national and international art exhibition) etc.

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Pullman, WA

While I worked hard to make this happen, I was only able to do so because of a supportive art community in Cincinnati, OH that includes artists, curators, galleristseducators, institutions, universitiesnon-profits, etc.  Over the last couple decades, Cincinnati has been a forum for all my creative activity from music to art to everything in between.  I have essentially enjoyed two careers in the arts (as a musician and artist) in a relatively short span; I honestly believe that in no other city would this have be possible.  I have been a beneficiary of cheap rent and the creative efforts of so many people, especially in and around OTR, my home for the last seven years or so.  I am among the fortunate who have survived and benefited from an urban renaissance, having watched this neighborhood grow and transform along with the city.  So it is going to be tough leaving, of course, but the time is right.  Cincinnati has such an amazing art community, but this position in Washington will provide some “me time” to focus on my studio practice, and some structure and incentive to do so (the tenure process).

I have heard tenure-track positions described as “winning the lottery” or “catching a unicorn”, so it is difficult to understate my excitement.  The position and the university are a perfect fit for me.  The job title of Painting/Intermedia describes my art practice–an intermedia approach that ties together my varied interests in photo, internet art, installation etc. (interests I developed in graduate school at DAAP, the University of Cincinnati) while remaining focused on painting (my undergraduate BFA emphasis at Northern Kentucky University) as a way of seeing.

As a bonus, the northwestern United States is among the only area of the country I have not explored.  While Washington State as a brand has taken on a hip reputation because of Seattle and Portland, to be clear Pullman WA is not on the West coast exactly–it’s located in a rural college town near the border of Idaho.  Idaho coast.  However, WSU is a top research university with about 20,000 students in a unique region called the Palouse, within a half-day’s driving distance to forests, mountains, plains, and deserts.  So there will be opportunities at the university for professional collaborations, and in a setting of big skies and surreal wheat grass dune hills carved by ancient glaciers.

I have always been drawn to unusual places and am looking forward to making the most of a new environment.  It seems fitting to do so with my biggest supporter, harshest and most helpful critic, life-adventure partner Mei; this move will truly signify the start of a new life together.  Mei is going to teach foundations at WSU so for the first time we will be colleagues.

Looking forward to making new art and design, new friends, doing some intense camping and exploring the west!  Please keep in touch.