This is pretty amazing. A 360 virtual reality video recording of a group exhibition in Boston the other night. That’s mine and Jiemei Lin’s video, A Curious Inventory on the TV screen. Nicely dressed dude stops watching at 0:25, but I like to think that’s the point in the loop where he began. ¬†ūüôā

Click the screen and move the view around with your mouse cursor.

Interdisciplinary, at Washington Street Gallery in Somerville, MA, presented by  Jurors Heather Balchunas, Dan Dez, Sean Hilts and Anna Schindelar.

As resolution goes up and costs come down, it will be interesting to see how¬†this technology¬†effects traditional brick and mortar events in the realms of art and entertainment. I can imagine some exciting (and “disruptive”) art applications. ¬†2016 is going to be a big year for virtual reality.