Source: Joe Hedges | CICA


They used my image for the exhibition flier.


That’s my work on the right.

Loving this write up from the CICA museum (Czong Institute for Contemporary Art) in South Korea describing a recent exhibition in which I was a participant:

New media art utilizes new media technology to create art. As the term “new” in new media art indicates how such art changes relatively with “newness,” new media art has constantly incorporated technologies considered “new” at the moment. The reason that new media artists are interested in new media technology is that contemporary artists look for their materials and subject matters in their daily lives, and they use these to express their realities. New media technologies are not only tools for work, but they also contain crucial features that may subvert philosophical concepts of “Art” and artworks. In addition, new media, including video, social media, the Internet, and smartphones, have become essential tools for communication these days, and have opened up new possibilities for communication between artists and the audience.