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stop bitching

i am listening to the rain
music from my laptop
a king sized bed
at least 700 thread count sheets

a while back i did a website for some friends of a friend, the screenwriters who wrote the screenplay for a very successful film starring arnold schwarzenegger and some other successful movies starring other successful actors. this week i will be staying in their house and walking their dog through a rich neighborhood in hollywood. my friend craig and i are house-sitting while i’m out here working in the studio. this house is incredible. it makes me want to be rich. a lot of rich people are painfully boring and conservative. these people however are extremely eccentric and interesting and fun. they have an entire room of their house decorated with masks from all over the world. maybe making a lot of money does not turn you evil afterall. it could just be that it is easier to make a lot of money if you are already evil. occasionally, good creative people squeak through. the whole house is so artistic and strange and nice. it’s an archeology expedition gone mad meets abstract art meets so co stucco. at some point i am hoping to sit in the jacuzzi in the rain as john the owner suggested. it is always raining when i am in la.

as you’re waiting on an airplane while others are boarding, there is that moment when your eyes meet the eyes of the person who will sit by you. it’s not an important moment necessarily but it’s not unimportant either, depending on the length of the flight and the size of your body and the smell of their clothes and the loudness of their snoring and their propensity for leaning to the left in their sleep and bobbing their head et cetera. today was a good day for flying, particularly on Delta flight 756 from cincinnati to la, particularly if you were me sitting in the second to last row. i sat with two pretty brunette women in their early twenties, natasha and irina, originally from germany and russia respectively, both having lived in the states for ten years or so. both artistic (one a drummer the other an artist), friendly, et cetera. it was just a very pleasant four and a half hours of near non-stop conversation between three strangers. i sat by the window legs squashed as usual. the sunset was frozen in time as we flew west. i am sure for this god will have me flanked by two sleeping stinking fat men for every flight i board from now until i die.

i had one day in town in cincinnati yesterday. we rehearsed for the JFK reunion show. this show is going to be very very good. lots of surprises and blasts from the past.

before that i spent the weekend in washington DC with two of my sisters amy and maddie and my best friend thom. we enjoyed several bottles of wine and talked and played the new edition of the cranium board game. as well as saw the sights of DC. it was fantastic.

at one point i found myself on a street outside a metro station between a new age hippie woman from an artist collective/non-profit and a homeless man, arguing over my money.
homelss man “hey you’re a buckey i’m a buckeye! i’m from ohio too”
hippie woman to homeless man “he was just about to make a donation!”
as they argued for territory i dug around in my pocket. i gave the homeless man four quarters, and the hippie woman one dollar as i took a bumper sticker from her which read: “STOP BITCHING START A REVOLUTION”
i am not sure why i gave the bill to the hippie woman and the quarters to the homeless dude. honestly, i think i just thought “well he’s probably used to getting quarters”. if she really believed in her message of peace she should have been happy with me giving money to the homeless but she clearly was not. so much of activism and idealism is about promoting and touting your message, even as the needy and socially estranged are overlooked. last night i put the bumper sticker on my guitar case. i considered that by displaying this sticker i am merely bitching. perhaps bitching CAN start a revolution? oh the irony is unending.

DC museums are free! i love free museums. friday we went to the air and space museum and walked through skylab. saw the charred bottom of Gemini V or VI or something and thought about re-entry. saturday we went to the arboretum to see trees, and then the hirshhorn museum and saw works by morris louis. morris louis was a color field painter working in the 50’s. i started to get into rothko, another color field painter, a couple years ago after someone bought me a postcard set. then i saw simon schama’s power of art on rothko and decided i like color field painting. i like abstract painting in general but i especially like works that are large and have a sense of spacial depth and really kind of envelope you the way these do. maybe someday when i have a larger studio and can afford to spill large amounts of paint on huge canvases, i will make some.

speaking of art, i put up a couple of my sketches at my myspace page in a photo album. nothing fancy. just some things i did for school this semester mostly from my anatomy drawing class.
. i could draw skeletons and naked people all day.

i pretty much killed my exams. it feels good to be finished with the semester. i will have a couple weeks to focus on music and work, starting tomorrow working in the studio with Andy.

now i’m going to sleep like a baby in this rain, jet lagged on 700 thread count sheets.

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move blood

Like it or not, Bob Guiney’s version of “Girlfriend” entered the Top 40 Charts.
We are going to be busier with shows the next few months.
We recently resolved what may go down as the biggest legal disaster/learning experience of our careers. Thank god.
Armed with a newfound financial, creative, and spiritual freedom, and a slew of new songs, we’ll be in the studio sometime this spring. In my mind, the new songs are as good or better than the songs on SWIM. Some of them you’ve heard, some of them you haven’t, and there just may be another by the time you read this. When the new recordings are finished, we’ll either release an indie E.P., or just put them on the site as pay or free downloads. I really want to make an online album, with graphics and everything. but we’ll see what happens. the new music will most likely accompany a new website. to tide you over, we may be getting some unreleased acoustic demos up on the site soon.

i hope you’re well!
peace and love and rock

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Westward Expansion

Yesterday, we decided to go to the St. Louis Arch on our way out of town. When you’re in another city, it seems logical to do the things you feel like you’re supposed to do. And if you’re in St. Louis, you might as well go the arch. Had we known it was going to take two hours, we might have reconsidered. The St. Louis Arch is mainly a grueling shuffle from line to line, waiting and waiting. During your first half-hour of waiting, you’re expected to visit the Museum of Westward Expansion. St. Louis has often been called the gateway to the west, and the Gateway Arch was built as a monument to the spirit of western pioneers. I have a very small amount of Crow indian in me, and my European ancestors were homesteaders, so i’ve always had an affinity for the history and culture of the Wild West. But let me be cynical and no-fun for a moment. The main ideas of the Museum of Westweard Expansion, as far as i can tell are a.) wow, the pioneers sure did slaughter lots of Buffalo and b.) wow, the pioneers sure did slaughter lots of Native Americans (bear with me, more rock and roll is on the way). When my trek through the museum was complete, i had serious doubts about the motives behind building the Arch, and whether “Westward Expansion” is really something we, as Americans, should be celebrating. I’ve been thinking much about it since, and i suppose there’s something to be said for “discovering” this great country of ours, and the toils and perils the settlers faced, but i still have mixed feelings about the Arch, and what the builders’ main intentions were. If it was entirely clear that it was to mourn the Native Americans’ loss of lives, land, and culture, cool. But in a round about way, it seems as if it’s a celebration of those things, and i find that hard to wrap my head around. i admit that in high school, i became awfully weary of hearing about the plight of the native americans. but it’s just one of those things…you don’t want to think about it, you’ve heard it all before, but it is a big deal, and demands rememberance.

With all that said, it must be noted that the Arch is a magnificent, wonderous sight, and i enjoyed it for what it is (an amazingly large metal structure) tremendously. It’s extremely graceful. At the top, if you hold real still, you can feel it swaying in the wind, like some ancient tree, alive and tired of the earth. That was by far the coolest part of the experience.

Those are my thoughts for today.

Before you fall asleep, here’s the shot of us with Ryan and Andrew from Greenwheel after the show:

We sure do like some unhappy dudes next to them. Thanks to Jennifer for taking pictures. You’ll see more of her shots from the show in a new gallery, or at her site,, soon.

we’re home now, rehearsing for Allentown and Cleveland. today, i’m having a picnic.



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We’re home tonight, for the first time in a couple weeks. It’s nearing 6am now, so i’ll have to keep this short. The show with SR-71 was awesome. We had a great time. Thanks to SR-71 to having us out to play with them, and thanks to all you SR-71 fans for being so receptive and fun.
We love Cleveland.

Tomorrow we’re off, then it’s on to Richmond and DC to finish up the You Saw It First Tour.

I hope life is good.
it’s WAY past my bedtime.


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