hey there. It’s now nearing 4am; T and i just got back to the hotel from our last night out in NYC. We’ve been out here for a week doing some promotional interviews, acoustic performances, et cetera. It’s been nuts. Basically, every two hours or so we’ve been moving to another building to do another thing. Tomorrow we’re going home. On our way, we’ll do one more interview/performance for the Rock Show with Chris Line in Pennsylvania. It’s been a blast. It’s always sad to leave new york

Being VMA week and all, we had the opportunity to meet some pretty interesting people, including Pink, Christina Aguilera, Ice-T, Heather Matarazzo, and P. Diddy’s mom. I’ll leave you with some pics from our adventures.

Joe and TJ with Pink

Joe talks with Christina Aguilera

Joe and T with Actress Heather Matarazzo

Joe and T sitting

too rock for one hand

after standing in the rain to catch this taxi

TJ with Sean P Diddy Puff Daddy Combs' Mom

Joe and T with rapper Ice-T

Take care!  joe